Patchwork & Apothegeri Scent Story at The Combine

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Scent Story at The Combine


Time: 6 pm - 8:30 pm

Location: The Combine 225 Wellington St W

In this interactive workshop, Geri from @apothegeri will walk us through the art of
composing scent stories. As we blend different aromas, we aim to create a scent that
mirrors your ideal life and the feelings that bring us the most ease (or whatever feeling you desire!)

"Scent Story" isn't just about making a fragrance; it's an intimate journey of
self-discovery. Geri and the Patchwork team will lead you in uncovering scents that
resonate with your emotions. Together, you'll craft a fragrance that mirrors your unique journey and aspirations. By the end of the workshop, you'll leave not just with a rollerball of fragrance but with a personal narrative captured in a scent. This workshop promotes an experience that connects your individual story with the emotive power of scents.

About the Artist:

Geri created Apothegeri (APG) — which all started with a personal journey exploring
scents, learning to blend them, and understanding what each scent evokes. APG truly took off during the rollercoaster of a year that was 2020. It's inspired by the founder's dad, also named Geri, who has this strong connection to candles because of his grandma. For him, candles are more than just wax and wicks; they bring comfort and a sense of connection. That's why Apothegeri was born – to encourage everyone to embrace a bit of self-care through these simple, daily rituals. Every candle and trinket is made with locally sourced, eco-friendly ingredients like soy wax and recyclable materials, all aimed at bringing comfort and care into your space.

About Patchwork:

Patchwork is a vibrant, diverse collective offering a space where individuals of varied
backgrounds can authentically be themselves. Born from a personal journey of feeling lost in life's options, we celebrate the unique "patchwork" of skills, experiences, and passions within each person. We aim to provide a welcoming environment for self-expression, fostering connections, a sense of belonging, and self-discovery. With a focus on encouraging individuals—especially women—to find their voice and express themselves freely, Patchwork aims to create a community for those seeking support, deeper connections, and a reconnection with their identity.