"Geri" in Apothegeri



Apothegeri (APG) began as an exploration of scents through perfume and has been a concept in the making since the summer of 2018. It came into full bloom through a pandemic (hello 2020!).

Inspired by my dad who is also named "Geri". One of the hardest workers I know. He would often work midnight shifts throughout his early career. His self care ritual after coming home after a long day of work was lighting a candle, eating a meal while watching some tv. He would only ask me for one thing for the holidays, father's day, and his birthday - a candle. His love of candles stem from the loss of his grandmother, mamang Purita. When our family immigrated to Canada (in Parkdale!) he and his brothers arrived before she could. Shortly after they had landed, while they were settling into their new home, they smelled a strong scent of a burning candle. That night they got a call, that she had passed. For as long as I can remember, my family always told me stories of my great grandparents spiritual visits, often times they're affiliated with the scent of burning candles. It is said that candles are connected to the spiritual world, and in many ways they bring a form of comfort, and they can bring us some peace during our vulnerable moments. My dad  would tell me stories of moments he's had when the smell of candles comforted him. So he lights them almost every night, in his words simply because, ' it relaxes him, makes him feel that mamang is there with him and they (candles) make the home feel nice'. 

Exploring ways to self-care is a life long journey. Life is filled with lots of moments, and daily rituals. Life is fast and often times we forget to stop and smell the candles. What I hope to achieve with Apothegeri, is that these candles & trinkets serve as a reminder to take the time for you. In a small way take part in your self care journeys and provide a little light and comfort into your spaces. 

The ingredients used to create the products are sourced locally and ethically.  Plant based soy wax, Paraben & Phthalate free fragrances, premium cotton lead-free wick and recyclable glassware. 

Currently operating out of my lab, from my home to yours. 

Always burning for good vibes.