Elm Grove Soy Candle

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Many journeys begin in Parkdale. Including my own when my family immigrated from the Philippines in the '70s (before I was born). My dad grew up right on Jameson, and moved out to the burbs to raise his family. What a circle for us, when I got my first apartment..on Elm Grove! 
The Parkdale Community Food-bank helps many families & people daily to keep their homes by providing them with food. The most important and basic human necessity. 

30% of proceeds made from this candle will be going directly to @parkdalecommunityfoodbank

The Parkdale Community Food Bank. 

The Parkdale Community, Food Bank is a grassroots organization, founded by volunteers in November 2007, after the threatened closure of the 25-year-old Saint Phillips Pantry. At that time, Parkdale's food bank was at risk of disappearing. Located on Queen Street West in the heart of Parkdale. 

For the last six years, it's been their mission to provide food for those in need, the hungry, and the impoverished. We've seen an increase of families barely able to make their rent, let alone purchase food

Did You Know The Parkdale Community Food Bank:

● serves up to 2,000 people each month.

● distributes between 3.5 and 5 tonnes of food each week.

● commits $5,000 a year for additional food purchases, such as milk and eggs.

● relies on 50 committed volunteers to make the food bank work.

● sees a role for the food bank in helping people economically reintegrate into the community.

● provides advocacy services to our members on issues of housing, social services, and abuse, wherever possible. We hope to expand these services.

With the COVID-19 Pandemic, the need is greater than ever. 

Scent Notes: 

Bourbon / Brown Sugar / Sweet Orange

  • Made with Plant-Based Soy Wax
  • Hand-poured in Parkdale in small batches
  • Premium Cotton lead-free wick
  • Non-toxic, Phthalate and Paraben free