Mama Candle

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Proceeds from this mama candle will be donated to the St.Joes Early Pregnancy Management Clinic. The Early Pregnancy Management Clinic provides compassionate, urgent and individualized care to patients who are experiencing complications in the first 13 weeks of pregnancy. Complications can include threatened early pregnancy, non-viable pregnancy, confirmed pregnancy loss or stable ectopic pregnancy. The clinic is nurse-led. The nurse’s role is to assess each patient’s physical and emotional needs and provide ongoing support.

Mother's Day shouldn't be subjected to just one day. Reproductive health is so important, the care & aftercare this clinic provides literally saves lives every day, including my own.

To those who've loss, those who are mama figures, those who want to be a mom, those who've choosen not to be ❤️

Scent Notes: Pink Orchid / Lychee / Lavender